Sandra Bernhard joins TGSW’s Lineup Feb 26, 2016



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Venue: Nugget Theatre, Telluride 9:30 PM

Get ready for a riotous evening with Sandra Bernhard as she joins us at Telluride Gay Ski Week!

Sandra Bernhard, Telluride Gay Ski Week

The inimitable Sandra Bernhard is making a rare Telluride appearance at Telluride Gay Ski Week with her all new show “Feel The Bernhard” which she is debuting at her annual holiday shows at Joe’s Pub in New York City.

Not unlike Bernie Sanders, Sandra has had it with the 1%.  If you’re sick and tired of being held down, join the 99%ers for a revolution Sandra style.  As The New Yorker wrote “Sandra Bernhard teaches the children—all those burgeoning spoken-word artists and monologists—how to perform observational comedy with style, and right on the political edge”.

Sandra Bernhard takes no prisoners and pulls no punches. She drops enough F-bombs to blow the city to smithereens.  And if those don’t do the job, she will set the place afire with her white-hot intelligence.  She is authentic, unapologetically pissed, heartbroken, and of course, hilarious.” – Broadway World

Bernhard knows what her audience wants, and she has them eating out of the palm of her hand from the second she walks onstage.  There’s no greater joy than watching a masterful comedian feed off her crowd and give it right back to them in the form of an evening that’s as hilarious as it is truthful.” – Theater Mania.

In early September, Sandra Bernhard also launched her own hugely popular daily show Sandyland on SiriusXM Radio’s new Radio Andy channel (102) headed up by Andy Cohen.

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